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Journal Measures and Citation Analysis Tools: Background Info

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Journal Impact Factors and the Author h-index: tools used for benchmarking the quality of research, Fall 2011
This powerpoint document offers a quick introduction to and succinct comparison of the major sources.

From University of Washington - Impact Factors 

Citation Research From Arizona State University - Sources for Journal Rankings

An article on weighted PageRank and journal status...Journal Status by Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriguez, Herbert Van de Sompel. Scientometrics, volume 69, number 3, pp. 669-687, 2006

A great overview of altmetrics and bibliometrics as of late 2012. "As tenure-track scholars reach beyond previously set boundaries of discipline, media, audience, and format" traditional measures of scholarly impact generate much controversy.From Bibliometrics to Altmetrics A Changing Scholarly Landscape.” College & Research Libraries News 73 (10) (November 1, 2012): 596–600.

Criticisms of Bibliometrics

The Evolution of Scientific Impact - A blog post arguing against using journal impact factors in evaluating research

Why the impact factor of journals should not be used for evaluating research by Per O Seglen
(BMJ 314, 497 doi: 10.1136/bmj.314.7079.497, Published 15 February 1997)

Google Scholar - a new data source for citation analysis  Written by Publish or Perish developer Anne-Wil Harzing. Discusses citation analysis problems with both ISI Web of Science and Google scholar, PoP is based on Google Scholar.

Bibliometric evaluation of individual researchers: not even right... not even wrong!  "In recent years, an increasing weight has been given to bibliometry, yielding various rankings and numbers. While such data may sometimes bring useful information, in case of evaluation of individuals, sadly the implementation often seems to arise from a loss of critical and rational mind."
Europhysics News 40(5) (2009) 26-29. DOI: 10.1051/epn/2009704)

Metadata mega mess in Google Scholar   [PoP is based on Google Scholar.] "Google Scholar has many uses but "bibliometric" searches, say, by name of author or journal is not one of them. In fact, in this strongly argued piece, authors are routinely "robbed" of credit because chapter headings, journal names and even menu settings are misidentified as content creators."
(Online Information Review  34(1)(2010): 175-191.)




Who's Trying to Avoid Using Journal Impact Factors

 "The European Association of Science Editors recommends that journal impact factors are used only – and cautiously – for measuring and comparing the influence of entire journals, but not for the assessment of single papers, and certainly not for the assessment of researchers or research programmes either directly or as a surrogate." (EASE statement on inappropriate use of impact factors, 2007)


In the UK the Select Committee on Science and Technology addresses the perception "that the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) rewards publication in journals with high impact factors is affecting decisions made by authors about where to publish. The RAE is used as a means of implementing a policy of selective funding for universities. The Select Committee on Science and Technology writing on "the Integrity of the publishing process" remind the RAE "that they are obliged to assess the quality of the content of individual articles, not the reputation of the journal in which they are published.  (The Integrity of the publishing process, 2004)

In Germany, the DFG (German Research Foundation), the self-governing organisation for science and research is trying to "counter the flood of publications in research." by limiting funding proposal citations to five. "Whether in performance-based funding allocations, postdoctoral qualifications, appointments, or reviewing funding proposals, increasing importance has been given to numerical indicators such as the H-index and the impact factor. The focus has not been on what research someone has done but rather how many papers have been published and where."(press release, 23. February 2010.)

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