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Key Law Databases


Full-text subscription database of case law, law reviews, and news.

  • To find U.S. law review articles, choose "All content" > "Secondary Sources" > "Law Reviews & Journals". Alternatively, from a results list, if available, choose "Secondary Sources" > "Law Reviews & Journals".
  • To find cases, choose "All content" > "cases".
    • To find a particular case by its citation, use the search box in the basic search.
    • For more options, choose "All content" > Cases > "Advanced Search".
  • To search the U.S. Code, choose "Federal Materials" > "United States Code Annotated (USCA)".
  • To search U.S. public laws, choose "Federal materials" > "Federal Proposed & Enacted Legislation" > "U.S. Public Laws".
  • To find other materials that cite a case, law, law review article, etc. that is displayed in the database, click on the "Citing References" tab and limit as needed.
  • Black's Law Dictionary is under "All content" > "Secondary Sources" and in the right column.

Help: "Campus Help Guide" [i.e. "Introduction to legal research on Westlaw Next"] is linked to at the bottom of every Westlaw webpage. Other guides, including Searching with Boolean Terms and Connectors are also available.

Nexis Uni

Full-text subscription database of federal and state cases, statutes, law review articles, news, and more.

  • Law review articles.
    • Choose "Guided Search" > "Law Reviews".
    • For more search options, choose: "Advanced Search" > "Select a specific content type" > Law Reviews and Journals > Law Reviews and Journals.
  • Cases.
    • Simple search: "Guided Search" > Cases > [choose jurisdiction] > [enter search term(s) or citation, e.g. 472 U.S. 38].
    • For more options (including searching for a particular case by its citation), instead choose: "Advanced Search" > "Select a specific content type" > Cases > Cases.
  • Citing cases and law review articles. Begin by viewing the case of interest.
    • For citing cases, choose, at the right: either "Citing Decisions" or "Shepardize® this document".
    • For citing law review articles, choose, at the right: "Other Citing Sources", then narrow to "Law Reviews".
  • U.S. Code.
    • To find by citation, choose: "Advanced Search" > "Select a specific content type" > "Statutes and Legislation" > Codes > Citation > [enter a citation to United States Code Service, e.g. 50 USCS 3002].
    • To search the U.S. Code, choose "Advanced Search" > "Select a specific content type" > Codes > [search] > limit to "Sources": USCS - United States Code Service - Titles 1 through 54.
    • To search the U.S. Code, choose: Menu > "All Sources" > "Search Within Sources" > "USCS - United States Code Service - Titles 1 through 54" > [drop down menu next to "USCS - United States Code Service - Titles 1 through 54"]: "Add source as a search filter"; or,
  • United States Statutes at Large.
    • Choose: Menu > "All Sources" > "Search Within Sources" > "United States Statutes at Large" > [drop down menu next to "United States Statutes at Large"]: "Add source as a search filter".
    • Choose: "Advanced Search" > "Select a specific content type" > "Statutes and Legislation" > "Public Laws/ALS" > [search] > limit to "Jurisdiction": "U.S. Federal" > limit to "Sources": "United States Statutes at Large".

Help (at the top right of the search screen) or Top 10 Nexis Uni™ Features to Explore.

HeinOnline's Law Journal Library

From the "All Collections" drop-down (at the top left), choose "Law Journal Library". Coverage from the first issue of "more than 2300 law and law-related periodicals". Our strongest database for foreign law reviews.

Help: Training Guides, including Advanced Search Syntax.

Index to Legal Periodicals and books, 1982-
Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective, 1908-1981

International coverage and access to law reviews, scholarly articles, jurisdictional surveys, legislation, and more. Search on a citation to a case in the "Court Cases" field. Search on a citation to the U.S. Code using the form "8 U.S.C. 1158" in the "Statute" field. The "check availability" link connects to full-text in most cases.


An online archive of scholarly journals, including a number of respected law reviews. This can be an especially useful database to search when looking for law reviews for cases decided prior to 1982.

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