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Sources of Information about Executive Branch Departments

Questions are posed below that are relevant for your Research Paper and Documentary assignments. You are then referred to a list of possible sources either directly or via one of the three research guides (RG) listed just to the right.

Research Guides (RG)

Major Databases

William Barr, Confirmation Hearing, Day 1, January 15, 2019, C-SPAN

  Questions Suggested Sources
  1. When was the department first created?
  2. For what policy areas does the department have jurisdiction within the Executive Branch?
2 Who are/were the top-level political appointees in the department?
3 What are/were the policy foci of the department?

Secondary sources

4 Which House and Senate committees have/had jurisdiction over the policy areas covered by the department?
5 Which House and Senate subcommittees have/had jurisdiction over the policy areas covered by the department?
6 Find speeches, interviews, remarks, press conferences, press releases, statements on bill signings and vetoes, etc. (audio, video, text) of the President.
7 Find speeches, interviews, etc. (audio, video, text) of officials in the department.
8 What Executive Orders did the President issue that involved the department?
9 If the department was created between 1933 and 2009, look for related oral history material in a presidential library.
10 Find other photos, audio, and video.
Note: You are responsible for learning about and abiding by copyright laws. (See the "Citation" tab, this guide.)

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