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Fake or Fact?: Fake News and Fact Checking

Curious about what makes some news "fake"? The library is here to help!

Check it. Check it all.

SMELL test

S - Source

Where did it come from?  Who wrote it, published it, posted it?

M - Motivation

What are they trying to sell you? Who has what to gain (or lose)?

E- Evidence

Where'd they get their data? Says who?

L - Logic

Can you follow their train of thought? Do they commit logical fallacies?

L- Left Out

What aren't they telling you?  

How fake news spreads

How to Fact Check

Eli Pariser: Beware the Filter Bubble

Known Fake News Sites

Fake News sites to watch out for on Facebook


False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Sources

Annotated list by Melissa Zimdar of Merrimack College. (Note: this list is a work in progress.)


Wikipedia List of Fake News Sites

Sites that intentionally publish hoaxes and misinformation to drive web traffic rather than for a humorous purpose, as in news satire.

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