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Citation Management Tools: Zotero


What is Zotero?

Zotero was created by scholars for scholars at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.   Zotero "lives" in your web browser capturing citations and research information from the web often requires only one click.  Originally developed for Firefox, connectors are now available for Google Chrome and Safari.

In addition to capturing citations, Zotero automatically creates citations, from web pages, PDFs, and other web-based research materials.  Documents, including web page screenshots, text and pdf documents, and links to materials, can easily be attached and stored with the citation.  Zotero citations can also be easily shared or exported to other citation management tools.  Citations, references and bibliographies can be created as you write with the Zotero wordprocessor plug-in or "add-on."  The word processor plug-in or "add-on" is available on the Zotero support pages at:


Download Zotero


Zotero Support

For questions and information about Zotero, please contact:
Karen Jung


Zotero Support web site

Other Zotero Help