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Latin American Studies: Indexes & Databases

Search tips


After you have formed your research thesis, locate your Search Terms. These are the words that you will use to search the databases. For example, when researching "What was President Reagen's economic policy toward Latin America?" your keywords are Reagen, Economic Policy and Latin America.


When searching for articles, it is important to think about different terminology. For example, an author writing about US "foreign policy" may only use the words "international relations" to describe US policies. -If you don't try different search terms, you may miss out on some great articles!


AND -results must include both words. Iraq AND War

OR -results can contain either of the words. Children OR Adolescents

NOT -results include one word and not the other. Global NOT Warming

Limit your Search

Databases all have ways to limit how you search them. This could be searching by Title, Author orPublication Date. Another great way to search is by Subject, sometimes called Descriptors or Subject Terms.

Core Databases