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In the News: Reliable online sources on government

Primary and secondary online sources pertaining to current events in goverment.

How to find ....

… U.S. Constitution.

Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, House Document 112-129.

Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation via govinfo.

… Executive Orders and other presidential actions and papers.

  • Look for very current Executive Orders on the White House website.
  • Look for the official online published version of Executive Orders in the Federal Register (in the "Presidential documents" section) a few days after release.
  • Look on the White House website (under "Briefing Room") for other very current presidential materials.
  • Use Compilation of Presidential Documents for the official online published versions of presidential materials after about a 2-week delay after release.

Presidential Libraries and White House Websites.

… Federal laws.

  • Public Laws via provides access to the first published version of a law. But note that the law may have been subsequently modified or repealed. For current law, see...
  • United States Code, Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives. Includes those laws currently in force, organized by Title (i.e., subject).

… Bills introduced in Congress. The numerous bill versions help to track a bill through the legislative process.

… Debate on the floor of the House or Senate.

Search or browse the Congressional Record via govinfo, which provides next-day coverage of the daily edition.

… Congressional websites.

… Court decisions.

  • Opinions from the Supreme Court.
  • Use Court Website Links to find decisions on the websites of other federal courts. (Note: We do have access to PACER. Login and password are required to search or view documents. Ask Us for more information on how to login.)

… Briefs.


These materials can be difficult to find. Please contact me for assistance!

Current news and analysis

Major national newspapers provide good coverage of national politics: Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

Other sources:

CQ Magazine
Published weekly. "In-depth reports on issues looming on the congressional horizon, plus a complete wrap up the previous week's news, including the status of bills in play, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, committee and floor activity, debates and all roll-call votes."


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