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Law Research Guide: U.K. Law

Court opinions

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See also "Foreign Constitutions & Law" tab in this guide.

U.K. Statutes

U.K. Statutes, major sources

Title Years Format Location Notes
The statutes of the realm 1235-1713 Print and online Main Libr oversize folio DA25 .B11
Main Libr oversize folio DA25 .B11 Index
Main Libr oversize folio DA25 .B11 Index 1828

Online: HathiTrust
The standard source for the given time period.
v. 1. 1235-1377
v. 2. 1377-1504
v. 3. 1509-1545
v. 4, pt. 1. 1547-1585
v. 4, pt. 2. 1586-1624
v. 5. 1625-1680
v. 6. 1685-1694
v. 7. 1695-1701
v. 8. 1702-1707
v. 9:pt.1-2. 1708-1713
[v. 10]. Alphabetical index
[v. 11.] Chronological index
The statutes, from the twentieth year of King Henry the Third to the [tenth chapter of the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth years of King George the Sixth] A. D. 1235-[1948. [Spine title: The Statutes Revised] 1235-1948 Print Annex Main KD 132 Statutes in force as of 1947.
Some volumes are available in HathiTrust or Google Books.
Bills and Acts 1695-2004 Online U.K. Parliamentary Papers
The statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1801-1832 Print and online Annex Main KD 129 1804

Online: Vols. 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11; Vol. 2; Vol. 3; Vol. 7; Vol. 8; Vol. 10; Vol. 11; Vol. 12.
Public general acts, 1801-1922 1801-1922 Microfiche Bowdoin Main Micro Fiche 1150
Bowdoin Main Micro Index KD125 1801 pt.1 guide
Bowdoin Main Micro Index KD125 1801 pt.2 guide
UK Public General Acts partial: 1801-1987
complete: 1988-present
Online UK Public General Acts  
The Public general acts 1943-1987 Print Annex Main KD 125  
United Kingdom Legislation: Statutes current Online Westlaw > International Materials > United Kingdom > Statutes Statutes currently in effect in the UK with coverage beginning with 1267.
UK Parliament Acts current Online Nexis Uni > Advanced Search > Legal > Statutes and Legislation > United Kingdom Legislation "Full, amended text of all public general Acts that are currently in force," from 1266.

U.K. Statutes (continued)

Blackstone, William. Commentaries on the Laws of England. 4 vols. Oxford: Printed at the Clarendon Press, 1765. Via HeinOnline.
V. 1. Of the rights of persons
v. 2. Of the rights of things
v. 3. Of private wrongs
v. 4. Of public wrongs.

World Legal Information Institute. "820 databases from 123 countries and territories via the Free Access to Law Movement."

Parliamentary Archives online, U.K. Parliament

Index to the statutes in force: covering the legislation to December 31, 1948
Main Libr KD142.4 .I5 1950

Chronological table of the statutes: covering the legislation to December 31, 1950
Main Libr KD142.3 .C5 1951


Legislation, UK Parliament

Guide to Law Online: United Kingdom, Library of Congress

Tracing Acts of Parliament

How are laws made?

Passage of a Bill

A history of English law, by W. S. Holdsworth
Main Libr KD532 .H64 1922

Guide to the records of Parliament
Main Libr CD1063 .B63

For More Information

Consult our research guide on British History for information about how to access Debates and the Parliamentary Papers.