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Presidential Documents: Budget

Publications of the President or the Executive Office of the President.


The so-called "budget documents" are not found together on the shelf neatly organized by fiscal year (FY). Rather, these multi-volume sets are usually organized by the title of the volume in the set, with the result that the documents for a given FY may not be together on the shelf. Here is a list of many of the SuDocs call numbers under which the budget documents in our collection can be found. They are located in the Government Documents collection in the basement of HL Library.

  • PR 34.107/2:958
  • PR 34.107/2:959
  • PR 34.107/2:960
  • PR 34.107/2:961
  • PR 34.107/5:959
  • PR 34.107/5:960
  • PR 34.107/5:961
  • PREX 2.2:
  • PREX 2.8:
  • PREX 2.8/2:
  • PREX 2.8/4:
  • PREX 2.8/5:
  • PREX 2.8/6:
  • PREX 2.8/7:
  • PREX 2.8/8:
  • PREX 2.8/12:
  • PREX 2.8/13:
  • Y 1.1/7:110-84/v.1 through v. 4 (FY 2009)

We do not have a complete set of the budget documents in our collection, but they are also available online via govinfo (FY 1996-present), HathiTrust, and Interlibrary Loan. There are also links to many of the volumes via the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.