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Presidential Documents: Econ Report

Publications of the President or the Executive Office of the President.


Beginning in 2018, the SuDocs call number of the Economic Report of the President is PrEx 1.30:[YEAR]. From the first volume in 1947 through 2017, the call number depended on the number of the presidency as in the list below. In either case, the YEAR is expressed in 3 digits through 1999, e.g. Pr 38.9:976, and as 4 digits beginning in 2000, e.g. Pr 43.9:2002.

The volumes of the Economic Report of the President are located in the Government Documents collection in the basement of HL Library. As of December 2023, our collection of Economic Report of the President is complete except for 1970, which is available online via HathiTrust.

Years SuDocs call number
1947-1954 Govt Doc Pr 33.10:[YEAR]
1955-1961 Govt Doc Pr 34.10:[YEAR]
1962-1963 Govt Doc Pr 35.9:[YEAR]
1964-1969 Govt Doc Pr 36.9:[YEAR]
1971-1974 Govt Doc Pr 37.9:[YEAR]
1975-1977 Govt Doc Pr 38.9:[YEAR]
1978-1981 Govt Doc Pr 39.9:[YEAR]
1982-1989 Govt Doc Pr 40.9:[YEAR]
1990-1993 Govt Doc Pr 41.9:[YEAR]
1994-2000 Govt Doc Pr 42.9:[YEAR]
2001-2009 Govt Doc Pr 43.9:[YEAR]
2010-2017 Govt Doc Pr 44.9:[YEAR]
2018-2023 Govt Doc PrEx 1.30:[YEAR]

The Economic Report of the President is also available online via govinfo (FY 1996-present), HathiTrust, and Interlibrary Loan. There are also links to many of the volumes via the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.