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News & Newspapers: Major Papers-Special Access


The Library provides online access to the websites and/or ePapers (facsimiles of the print) of the following major papers for Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff. (We may also have other formats available.)

Boston Globe [1872-1989] [1989-present] [ePaper, 2008-recent]
Chronicle of Higher Education [website, 1989-present]
The Economist [1843-2020] [website, 1997-present]
Financial Times [1888-2010] [website]
New York Times [1851-2010] [1980-present] [ePaper, 2008-recent] [website]
Portland Press Herald and Times Record   [website, 1984-present]
Wall Street Journal [1889-1995] [1984-present] [ePaper, 2008-recent] [website]
Washington Post [1877-1996] [1996-present] [ePaper, 2008-recent] [website]


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