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U.S. Government: Polls

Opinion Polls & Surveys - U.S.

Roper Center
The Roper Center archives datasets from thousands of surveys with national adult, state, foreign, and special subpopulation samples. These datasets are listed in the Catalog of Holdings. Online access to many datasets are provided through the Roper Express service. US nationwide public opinion polls since 1935 are available through the iPoll service. A full-text retrieval system, the iPOLL online database is organized at the question-level.

Pew Research Center
Polling and other empirical social science research on U.S. politics, media and the news, social trends, religion, Internet and technology, Hispanic trends, and global attitudes.

The Gallup poll (print)

Polls and reports on politics, economy, well-being, the world. Although we do not have subscription access to Gallup's online service, some of their information is made available to the public.

Five ThirtyEight
"At FiveThirtyEight, we strive to accumulate and analyze polling data in a way that is honest, informed, comprehensive and accurate. While we do occasionally commission polls, most of our understanding of American public opinion comes from aggregating polling data conducted by other firms and organizations. This data forms the foundation of our polling averages, election forecasts and much of our political coverage."

Polling Report
Up to date coverage of all major polls on issues and presidential election.

American National Election Studies (ANES)

ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) maintains a data archive of more than 500,000 files of research in the social and behavioral sciences. It hosts 16 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields.

Odum Institute Public Opinion Poll Database

Use one of our newspaper databases for polls on national or local candidates.

Polling the Nations
Polling the Nations is a compilation of surveys conducted by over 1000 polling organizations in the United States and 100 other countries from 1986 to the present time. The pollsters included in the database are: US polling organizations (e.g., Harris International, The Pew Center); universities (e.g., Rice University, University of Maryland); newspapers (e.g., New York Times, Los Angeles Times); Television news organizations (e.g., CBS, NBS, Fox, CNN); international polling organizations (e.g., Eurobarometer; special interest groups (e.g., Boy Scouts, AFL-CIO)

Integrates thousands of diverse topics of data and facts from a wide range of sources. Sources of information include market research, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases.

Newspapers may also include poll data.