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Category Type of information or document Suggested sources
General Multi-tools

Almanac of American Politics (online, 2000-; print, 1974-) Best Bet
Main Ref JK 1012 .A44 or Main Libr JK 1012 .A44
A volume is issued for each Congress. Organized by state. It includes for each member: biography, political activities, committees, key votes, group ratings, National Journal ratings, election results, and for members of the House, description of the district and demographics. Also includes leadership, state profiles, campaign finance, etc. The entries for the chairs and committee members may include discussion of those individuals' roles and activities on the committees.

CQ Magazine (formerly CQ Weekly) (online, 1983-present)
Govt Index JK1 .C15 (print, 1964-2012)
Published weekly. "In-depth reports on issues looming on the congressional horizon, plus a complete wrap up the previous week's news, including the status of bills in play, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, committee and floor activity, debates and all roll-call votes."

CQ Almanac (online, 1945-2020)
Govt Index JK1 .C66 (print, 1948-2020)
Published annually. Narrative coverage of key legislation, controversies and major issues, as well as an appendix of vote counts and other data for each session of Congress.

Government agencies' websites
Oral histories U.S. Government guide > Oral Histories
  • This guide > News. Especially New York Times, Washington Post. For local news or perspective, use Access World News, Nexis Uni.
  • This guide > News-Audio & Video. Use for audio, video, and transcripts.
Political cartoons
  • Search newspapers for editorial cartoons. (See this guide > News.)
  • Search Compass for a name, class of persons, or ethnic group, or topic and the quoted phrase "caricatures and cartoons", e.g.
    "Roosevelt, Theodore" AND "caricatures and cartoons"
    politics AND "caricatures and cartoons"
  • Cartoon Prints, American, Library of Congress
  • Herblock!, Library of Congress
  • Political cartoons, New York Public Library
  • Tom Toles, Washington Post
Trade publications
Images Please use our guide on Finding and Using Images. Also newspapers, magazines, etc.
Party platforms U.S. Government guide > Platforms & Agendas
Priorities and agendas of President, congressional committees, cong. leaders U.S. Government guide > Platforms & Agendas
Elections Campaign financing Federal Election Commission
Party conventions
Presidential debates
Electoral college
Executive branch topics Financial statements
  • Often included in confirmation hearings. See "Hearings" on this list.
  • Officials' Individual Disclosures, Office of Government Ethics (OGE). Includes Financial Disclosure Reports, Certificates of Divestiture, Ethics Pledge Waivers, Ethics Agreements, Certificates of Ethics Agreement Compliance. For more information, use the links to Glossary of Document Types; Who files, where they file, and how to access their documents; and Frequently Asked Questions (Financial Disclosure).
Speeches and statements of President and executive branch officials
Executive orders
Presidential appointments Congressional Documents guide > Pres. Appointments
Congressional topics Hearings

† Good for recent unpublished hearings.

Confirmation/ nomination Senate Manual, 104th Congress to present.
Rule XXXI pertains to executive session - proceedings on nominations. Other rules also apply; search on both confirmation and nomination to find those.