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Statistical Data: Maine Historical Statistics

Sources of statistical data.

Weather in Brunswick, Maine

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Use NOAA's Data Tools: Find a Station to retrieve weather records back to September 1940 for:
Nearby stations are:
        BATH, ME US
        FREEPORT 0.3 WNW, ME US
        FREEPORT 0.5 WSW, ME US
Note that not all stations have all data for all time periods.

Parker Cleaveland Collection, M034.003.002: Scientific Lectures, Notes, & Records: Meterological observations
"Three bound folio volumes, several journals, field notes and loose leaves ranging from 1807-1853 containing Cleaveland's diligent observation of weather in and around Brunswick, Maine. Cleaveland's students transcribed some of the bound volumes from field journals."

Maine Historical Statistics

The following materials provide historical statistics with a focus on Maine.

Maine Vital Statistics
Govt Doc Maine H 88/15.32:
Earlier vital statistics in Public Documents Series
Govt Doc Maine L40.25

Public Documents Series (Maine) 1836-1940
Govt Doc Maine L40.25
For finding aids for this set, see "Finding Aids for the Public Documents Series (Maine)".

Maine Town Annual Reports
The Library has a collection of paper annual Maine town reports (town government's accounting to the taxpayers of the spending of tax money) in the Govt Doc Maine collection. Some date from as early as 1846. The University of Maine at Orono has digitized a portion of the Maine town reports. Both the Library's and UMO's collections are incomplete. Check CBBcat, MaineCat, and Maine Town Documents online. For Brunswick, check Brunswick Town Reports from 1834 to 1973.

Maine register, state yearbook and legislative manual
Main Libr JK2831
Lists state and town officials, town populations, businesses and information on local and state agencies. Some volumes are also available from HathiTrust, Internet Archive, and Google Books.

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